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Welcome to the homepage of Ulf Pieconka, attorney in Wuerzburg, Germany.

You need a lawyer? We provide advice in and outside the court and we represent our clients in lawsuits.

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The expertise focuses on the needs of our clients in the following areas:

  • hereditary right – legacy law – inheritance law – law of succession law of sucession / law of inheritance (heirs, beneficiary, grant of probate, estate planning, …)
  • labour legislation – industrial law – employment law – labor law – labour law- (the law of master and servant)
  •  family law – domestic relations law (divorce, maintenance, alimony …)
  • copyright and related rights
  • real estate law
  • debt collection
  • traffic lawLawyer/Attorney Pieconka in Wuerzburg Germany English

If there was an accident we also take care about compensation for damage (general damages).

We have to inform you that if you become a client of us and you are from a foreign country the rules of liability of your country do not apply. But we are certainly liable for our mistakes. But this liability is limited and covered by a 3rd-party-insurance.

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